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Want to race cars without the danger? Then R/C car racing is perfect for you! R/C car racing can be just for fun or you can add a competitive edge. Remote Control Car racing can be traced all the way back to the 1940’s. In the 1960’s companies began to make model racing cars in earnest. There are two types of cars. They can either be toys or considered hobby. The cars can be electric or fuel powered. And if you’re serious about your automobile racing they even have larger models that run on gasoline. Yep, you can now fill up your car and your toys. Now the serious racer has another option. You can get R/C cars for off roading and on roading. So just like your jeep, your mini racing car can get all dirty off the road. On Road cars are made for such places as a parking lot or empty street. Off-road cars are made for dirt tracks that may not run as smoothly as the on road track.

 The toy distinction is usually used to describe the cars that you get pre assembled form hobby stores. But don’t be fooled these toy cars come in great packages. From Escalades to Navigators to Hummers these are not your traditional racing cars. These cars are intended to be played with until they can go no more. Because of that you can rarely find spare parts. Instead you’ll have to just buy a new and improved car! If you want a more long-term car model, you should invest in a hobby car. These cars will be with you for much longer. They can require some upkeep not unlike the car you drive yourself. You can find these cars pre-assembled or you can get some that are ready to go without your assistance. Hobby racing cars come in different types also. There are electric powered cars. This type of car runs on batteries. This type of car is best for the beginner. You can also get a nitro-powered car or even gas powered model. The gas powered cars are a bit more pricey than there nitro and electric counterparts. The gas powered cars can speed along at 50-60 MPR.

 Part of the fun of Remote Control Cars is being able to build your own. When you start you’ll want to clean off a fairly large area. Also you may want to cover the area for any spills or stains. The common tools you’ll need are mini screwdrivers, wrench, tape, pliers and superglue. Do you really want your RC car to win the race? Here are a few racing tips. Make sure your car handles well. Just like the car you drive on the road your RC car needs to handle in just the same way. Of course one way to go faster is to control your RC car in a more aggressive manner; this could lead to more mistakes also. Remember not to get over anxious in a race. If you raced fast by yourself then do exactly that in an actual race. When you are ready to race, find a local competition to start with. After you’ve checked in, start setting up your car and equipment. There will be some practice sessions to get everyone ready. You must know exactly when you race and in what heats. Check the list and then check it again. Make sure you get to the heat on time. Often the races will start automatically and will not wait for stragglers.

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